I am Sorry.


EM's Web Journal

You know what I did. Or more precisely, what I didn’t 

And what’s worse, I don’t even feel an ounce of guilt. But I’ll say sorry anyway.

So last month, I challenged myself to post pending blog entries. Check this blog post to know what I’m talking about. If in case I failed to do so, I obliged myself to abstain from Ice Cream at ALL cost (yeah, it’s as silly as it sounds).

Since you’re reading an Apology Note, I guess you know what happened. I completed at least up to number 2, and there were 5 posts to complete. Talk about lazy bloggers.

I apologize. I am sorry. And yes, I am not supposed to eat Ice Cream for the WHOLE (VERY LOOOONG) month of AUGUST.

Lesson learned? Irresponsibility will soon snatch you of your lawful human right to eat Ice Cream.

Just kidding. So what did this…

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