Should I even B-L-O-G?


EM's Web Journal

Dear Internet Universe (IU),

You know what I’ve been up to lately? Well, a lot. I want to do this, then that. Post this. Edit that. Etc.

But do you know what I have actually done? Well, uhurm, none so far.

To blame it all to internship and other “busyness” alibis are useless. I know the truth. I’m just being lazy.

And that is why this post came to be: To get those lazy fingers back into writing and blogging again.

So here, IU, I shall commit my self into updating this blog and other social media accounts of mine.

There by follows the pending stories that shall be posted soon, no later than July this year.

1. Vispop 4.0
2. Internship experiencce
3. Photo gallery (eh?)
4. Gabii sa Kabilin
5. (3) Poems
6. (2) Personal rants

If in any reason I fail to commit to such task…

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