Captain America: Civil War | The very late film reaction


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“I still believe in heroes”
-Nick Fury (The Avengers, 2012)

DISCLAIMER: I believe you’ve seen the movie. So I will not spare you from spoilers anymore.

tumblr_o3xp3wNEAZ1tjq4jgo1_540.jpg Yes, Spider Man was Cap, for about, 1 minute? 😀

Even if I’m not in to super hero movies and comic books (bec. yeah, I’m more into Korean Films), I’ll admit that Captain America: Civil War was a real breath of fresh air, considering that most super hero movies are always about heroism and love of country and etc…

Why? Civil War tackles some things other movies of the same genre forget, or give a little light to.

Let me sum it up in three little nuggets.

1. It’s a war, and no one ever wins in wars.

You only have two options: Live or Die.

Spolier Alert: Iron Man DID NOT DIE (Yehey!)

Going back, the film has successfully reminded me of…

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