#iOwnmyDream: FILINVEST’s Vision for Juan


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For a very long time now, a relative of mine has been searching for a house for his family. Before, I could only listen to the older dude’s conversations because I have no valuable thing to add.

Then came Cebu Blogging Community and my very first public relations scoop which I enjoyed immensely. Here I bring you FILINVEST and their #iOwnmyDream campaign with the charming Sir Chief, I mean Richard Yap.

12204559_10153480300093600_1779620110_nThe Mission

FILINVEST’s mission is simple, to provide quality housing for every thriving Filipino, whether single or married.

Aware of the current economic status, FILINVEST purposely made their units affordable and durable. They know that Filipinos like to dream big, but it takes greater efforts to make those dreams real. FILINVEST wants to be a part of the great Filipino dream. Hence, #iOwnmyDream.

The Vision

In line with their mission, FILIINVEST envisions the Filipino people to…

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