Learning to Press


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Hey, it’s Em 🙂

Here’s a throwback.

I was 11 when I went to high school (I’m not kidding).So our computer class required us to have this test on how many words a person could type in a minute.  That time, the only thing I could properly do with a computer is to build my own ‘Zenn Garden’ in the hit video game Plants vs. Zombies.

When the practical examinations came, you can just imagine how seriously slow I was. Plus, my hands had paper on top of them so I had no idea what button I was pressing. In the end, I had around 3-4 words per minute.

But then again, it’s a throwback and I don’t feel bitter about it. Now, I can type maybe a 10 or 15 words in a minute.

My secret? PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! (and prayers)


Do you have any throwbacks’ yourself?

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