Grades and what they mean to Me


EM's Web Journal

Hey, it’s me, EM.

I feel really sad, or if there’s a word higher than it but below “devastated”, that is accurately what I feel right now.

I just came back from the university after checking my final grades. And my grades are not as good as I wished it to be. I can’t blame anyone because I know I was lazy the whole semester. What makes me feel worse is that I could no longer change it because they are my final grades. Again, MY FINAL GRADES!! T.T

The numbers on my grade sheet mean so much to me. They could be the ticket into which I could pave my way to a better life after graduation. Here in the Philippines, especially Cebu, the competition for a decent job is high, and almost everybody is geared and ready for battle. What can a low-grader like me do to at…

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